Covid patients dietary routine with what to avoid while recovering

Importance of proper diet and nutrition had always remained a concern. Amid the COVID pandemic situation the concern has mounted regarding one’s health.

What should COVID patients eat and what should they avoid while recovering?

Patients recovering from Covid need to refrain from sugars and simple carbohydrates.


Nutrient-dense and wholesome breakfast is a good start. Overnight soaked oats, warm chia pudding, warm homemade one full egg, spinach, and half an avocado are great options.


For lunch person can have Chicken soup or lentil soup with dark green veggies to keep yourself hydrated and speed up the recovery rate. You can also have poha with lots of veggies or chila made with a lot of veggies and yogurt.


For fillers can have a small bowl of berries, nuts and seeds with a few dates and cucumber salad with lemon and salt, or have fruits that are high in natural vitamin c content. Add celery or bitter gourd smoothies to your diet.


Grilled steamed vegetables such as broccoli or bell peppers along with salmon, or an ayurvedic khichadi, or bone broth soup or a plate of grilled sweet potato with veggies and grilled chicken are good options for diet.

Meanwhile, increase water intake as water aids in transporting nutrients and compounds in the blood and regulates your body temperature.

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