People's condition worsens even after recovering from covid, WHO warns

The Corona Epidemic (Corona Pandemic) is currently creating havoc all over the world. The new Omicron variant of the corona epidemic is spreading rapidly in many countries. At present, people are recovering quickly after the epidemic. However, it has a long-term effect on people recovering from the disease. Because of this, people are not feeling the same way as before despite recovering from covid. On the other hand, the World Health Organization is also warning people that the coronavirus can affect a person for a long time.

Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system of the human body. Although all talks about its symptoms and treatment during the epidemic, there is little discussion about long covid or post covid. Post covid means symptoms after recovering from this disease. There have been several cases related to the Covid-19 epidemic when people suffered even after recovering from it.

Recently, a Twitter page called LongCovidSOS discussed the media's lack of attention to the issue related to long covid. In that tweet, it was said that it appears that there is no mention of long covid related things in any media briefing, recommendation or policy. It is necessary that the World Health Organization provides information to the people of the world, especially the governments of developing countries, about the effects of long covid. Yes, and it explains how mild symptoms of corona can also affect the person for a long time. Maria Vaughan, an epidemiologist in the US, took cognizance of the matter and said, "WHO has to work continuously on long covid. '

In fact, in this tweet, Maria wrote, "We have to keep informing people and we need better research on post-covid symptoms. People who are suffering from some health problems even after corona should be thoroughly counselled. In fact, long covid is a group of symptoms that are affecting the human body even after recovering. This includes some symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, loss of stamina, lack of smell.''

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