Covishield recipients who are covid naive at higher risk
Covishield recipients who are covid naive at higher risk

The havoc of coronavirus has not yet subsided and its omicron variant still remains a threat to the whole world. However, in the meantime, scientists have also expressed concern about the ability of the Covishield vaccine against the BA.1 variant of Omicron. According to a report that has surfaced, in people who have received both doses of Covishield and have never succumbed to the infection before, their neutralizing power against the omicron BA.1 variant has been seen to be very low. Yes, and such people were seen to be at greater risk than those who had recovered from the infection and had taken both doses of Covisheild.

The study conducted by the ICMR-National Institute of Virology (ICMR-NIV) points to the need to take a booster dose as soon as possible. In fact, for this research, serum samples of 24 corona infected persons were collected 180 days after the second dose of Covisheild. At the same time, samples of 17 people who had not got corona and had taken both doses of Covisheild. Yes and even after taking both doses of Covisheild in these people, omicron infection was found.

In fact, the researchers found that all the samples neutralized the B.1, Beta and Delta variants more effectively than the omicrons. However, the average of antibodies against the omicron in serum samples was found to be the lowest at 0.11. In other cases, the average was 11.28 and 26.25. At the same time, according to a scientist, the omicron with the highest mutation is more adept at escaping from immunity than delta or other variants in vaccinated people. Yes, and earlier, the National Institute of Virology had said about the omicron variant after a study that the antibody level of the double dose of the Covid vaccine starts decreasing after six months.

Everyone for this study, people were divided into three groups. The first group included 18 people from Uttar Pradesh who had taken the first dose of Covisheild and the second dose of Covacin. In the second and third groups, there were 40 people who had taken both doses of Either Covisheild or Covacin. The result of this was that the second dose of Covacin after Covisheild gave a good response against Delta or another 'variant of concern'. However, a decrease in neutralizing antibody levels was observed in all groups against the omicron variant of the corona.

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