Brinda Karat targets Modi government, says 'Why Ahmadia and Rohingya not included...'

Feb 18 2020 04:58 PM
Brinda Karat targets Modi government, says 'Why Ahmadia and Rohingya not included...'

Raipur: In the midst of the protests against the CAA for some time, the CPI (M) leader Brinda Karat has declared this law to be discriminatory and divisive. Attacking PM Modi government, she asked why Rohingya and Ahmadia Muslims are not being included in CAA, while they are also being harassed on religious grounds. Brinda said, "If the government is equally worried about the atrocities on people in neighboring countries, then Rohingya and Ahmadia should have given a place in the new law. These people are also a minority in their country and have to face harassment. The new citizenship law is divisive and discriminatory."

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According to the information received, it is sad for India that instead of external forces, the central government itself is engaged in weakening the constitution and dividing the country. The CPI (M) leader also attacked the RSS, alleging that in 1950, when the entire nation welcomed the constitution led by Baba Saheb Ambedkar, only the Sangh was opposing it.

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The government should be ashamed of its thinking: When this was noticed, it was found that the CPI-M strongly criticized the Center in the matter of registering a case against social media users in Jammu and Kashmir. CPI (M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury tweeted, 'The government is claiming the situation in Jammu and Kashmir to be normal on one hand and on the other hand the police is registering a case against people on the use of social media. While the use of internet is the basic right of the people. The government should be ashamed of its thinking.'

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