Crime is not stopping in Bihar, now the flour mill owner was shot dead in public

Patna: A flour mill owner was shot dead in broad daylight on Wednesday near Mathuri Madai Tola of Dehri Nagar police station area of ​​Sasaram in Rohtas district of Bihar. Three hours after the murder, the police, who arrived on the instructions of the superintendent of police, took possession of the body and started investigation into the matter. The deceased Ghulam Ali alias Sonu is a resident of Mathuri village. Who used to run a flour mill for about four years.

The villagers say that he was addicted to gambling for a few days. Perhaps this is the reason why criminals shot him over a gambling transaction dispute. The criminals shot the deceased in the chest. A large number of playing cards, dozens of empty bottles of liquor and water and intoxicants were recovered from the spot. Ashraf Ali, the elder brother of the deceased, said that at around 9 o'clock on Wednesday, his younger brother, Sonu, was demanding four thousand rupees from him and was saying that he needed money very much. His friend had also installed his bike in his mill. He seems to have been shot dead by criminals for losing money in gambling.

After the incident, the father of the deceased, Sadruddin Ansari, Manjhil brother Mukhtar Alam and family members have become sad. Everyone was saying that four days ago Sonu was happy because after the sister's marriage is well, she will now get married. At the same time, Superintendent of Police Ashish Kumar Bharti said that after investigating various aspects in the murder of the flour mill owner by shooting, efforts are being made to arrest the criminals.

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