'Rape demo' by teachers in the classroom in Vijayawada

Aug 05 2019 04:20 PM
'Rape demo' by teachers in the classroom in Vijayawada

A case has recently surfaced from a primary school in West Godavari district of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh state where two teachers have been accused of giving rape demo in the classroom. District education officials said that "he is trying to investigate the veracity of the alleged incident in Chintalpudi Mandal." Here, a group of villagers thrashed two teachers," he said.

District Education Officer CV Renuka said that "she will go to school on Saturday and assess what had happened within the classroom." That no such incident has occurred. In this case, Renuka said that "in its report, the Divisional Education Officer said that there was a quarrel between three students of Class III - two boys and a girl. The girl got hurt in the fight," he said.

Now, the officer says that "they have not found any evidence that the girl was used for rape demos," says Chintalpudi police, "they have not received any complaint against the teachers so far."

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