Nephew cut off the aunt with an axe as he thought she might be a witch and...

Aug 17 2019 03:38 PM
Nephew cut off the aunt with an axe as he thought she might be a witch and...

The increasing number of superstitions has become a problem for all as it has led to many murders. The case that has come to light recently is from The Hotorey village of Torpa police station, where the witch's superstition has again killed an innocent woman. The case states that a 45-year-old woman, Sushana Bhengra, was murdered by her nephew Onga Bhengra on suspicion of witch-hunting with an axe and then the accused nephew surrendered at the Torpa police station. The event is late Thursday night. "15 days ago, her nine-year-old son Dilip Bhengra had died," Onga Bhengra said.

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Talking further, he said, "Her aunt had told Onga that one of her sons had died, another son would also die. This shocked Onga. On Thursday night, he consumed alcohol and then entered the aunt's house. Aunt Sushana Bhengra, who was sleeping in deep sleep, was stabbed in the neck and head with an axe and the seriously injured Sushana was taken to Torpa Referral Hospital, where the doctor declared her dead," he said.

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According to reports, the killer's nephew surrendered at the police station at 5 a.m. on Friday morning and recovered the axe used in the murder from his house on the trail of Onga. A post mortem has been conducted in the case and handed over to the family members. The youth accused in the case has been sent to jail in judicial custody.

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