Young man found hanged in home, investigation underway

Aug 14 2019 12:01 PM
Young man found hanged in home, investigation underway

Nowadays cases of rising crime are shocking everyone. One such case has come from the Brahmpuri police station area of Meerut. In this case, the blood-soaked body of the young man was found hanging from a trap in his own house. The young man's neck and hand vein were also cut and the SSP said that the deceased was described as HIV positive. According to reports, Arvind, a 45-year-old brother of a genealogy living in Madhavpuram Sector One, had been living in his sister's house for nearly 20 years.

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In this case, it is reported that Aruna, Arvind's wife, has died long ago. According to reports, he has a son who lives near his grandmother and Arvind worked in a factory. According to Arvind's niece Priyanka, after drinking tea on Tuesday, Arvind went upstairs to his room and after a while Priyanka reached her room and Arvind's body was hanging from a trap in the room. Police rushed to the body and sent the body for post-mortem and SSP Ajay Sahni said that "the deceased was HIV positive and had been in depression for a long time." A knife has also been recovered in a house near the body.

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Police said, it is being speculated that the young man tried to hang himself in the depression but when he did not die, he cut the nerves of his neck and hand with a knife. He further said that the police is investigating the case and the family of the deceased has been in a state of panic following the incident.

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