Bubbles Potato Chips made for kids at home, you will like it a lot
Bubbles Potato Chips made for kids at home, you will like it a lot

If there are children in the house, then every day something special has to be made for them. In such a situation, sometimes there is no understanding to make snacks, but today we are going to tell you a very yummy and easy recipe that you can make and feed your child anytime. It may also happen that your child asks for the same every day.

Ingredients required to make Bubbles Potato Chips-
Potato - 2 medium-sized
Egg - 1


Method of making Bubbles Potato Chips- First wash both the potatoes with water and then wipe the potatoes with any clean cloth. Now take a grater and grate the potatoes into thin slices. After this, put as many potato slices as come on a tissue paper or kitchen towel one by one and now put another kitchen towel or tissue paper on top of these slices and press them by hand. In the same way, soak the moisture of all the slices. Now put 7 to 8 potato slices one by one in a line on the board and then in the same way keep the same number of potato slices one by one in the other line.

After this, sprinkle one lined potato slice with cornflour and brush the second line potato slice with egg white. To sprinkle cornflour, put some flour in a sieve and sprinkle the sieve on a lined potato slice. Now take a brush and rub the brush on the cornflour sprinkled slices, so that the cornflour coats the slices well. After this, to coat the potato slices which are placed in the second line, first, break the egg and put it in the bowl, and separate the yolk from it.

Now with a brush, grease the egg whites on all the slices one by one. After this, place a potato slice sprinkled with cornflour on top of the potato slice coated with egg and press lightly with your hand in the same way, one by one the potato slices with cornflour are coated with egg. Keep it on the slice. Now take a slice from it and cut it from all sides with a knife. So that your slices become square shape, in the same way, cut all the slices in square shape and keep them. Now do the remaining potato slices in the same way.

Now put oil in a pan to fry the chips and keep it for heating when the oil becomes hot, then put the slices of potato cut one by one in the oil in the square shape and let them turn golden color on medium flame. Fry while stirring with a ladle and take it out in a plate. Now sprinkle a little salt on hot chips and eat with the children.



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