Crocodiles changes colour, know what is the matter

Sep 05 2019 03:36 PM
Crocodiles changes colour, know what is the matter

You may have seen the chameleon changing colours but you may not have seen the crocodile changing its colour. Today we are going to tell you one such case. By the way, you already know that crocodiles do not change colour. But the chemical water being released into a river has affected them in such a way that they have become white in colour. Due to this, it is being said that crocodiles are changing colour.

Actually, this view has been seen from the Raipura drain of Kota. Where heavy chemicals are released from DCM Chemical Factory in this drain. Factory water is being released in the drain, it is fine, but the strange thing is that the kind of chemical poison that is being released has an effect on the water wealth that all the water creatures in this drain are gone and in large numbers Crocodiles in this stream, their color has also changed. The life of living organisms in this water is becoming difficult.

Apart from this, many social organizations and people of the area have registered their protest about the toxic chemical being released in the drain due to the dying aquatic wealth and the color of crocodiles. But the big thing is that the responsible administration did not take any action against the factory of the area from which this chemical is being discarded. Similarly, living organisms in water are dying, but no action is being taken on it.

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