"Cross-border terrorism gravest threat": Rajnath Singh at Asean meet

NEW DELHI: A stable Indo-Pacific region, with ASEAN at its centre, is more important than ever for the security and prosperity of the world, said  the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, who asserted that the world is experiencing growing conflict that is being exacerbated by disruptive politics.

Addressing the ninth ASEAN Defence Ministers Meeting (ADMM) Plus in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Rajnath Singh said "The greatest threat to the global society is international and transnational terrorism. "Transnational and cross-border terrorism is the greatest threat, one that requires the prompt and resolute action of the international community. Given that terrorism has claimed lives all across the world, "indifference" is no longer an acceptable response.

To transfer money and gather sympathisers, terrorist organisations have built connections across continents supported by cutting-edge technologies. He continued by saying that the development of organised cyberattacks from cybercrimes indicates the growing adoption of new technology by both State and non-State actors.

With the participation of ten ASEAN nations and eight significant PLUS nations, ADMM Plus may position itself not only as a platform for regional security but also as a force for global peace. We make up half of the world's population together, the defence minister said.

On October 28 and 29, in New Delhi, the United Nations Security Council Committee on Counterterrorism met and took careful notice of these developments. In response to the use of cutting-edge technologies by terrorists, the committee adopted the "Delhi Declaration," Singh said in his address.

Other security problems that have surfaced in the wake of the global COVID-19 outbreak cannot be disregarded, even while terrorism continues to pose a serious threat. He claimed that current geopolitical events have made the problems with energy and food security more widely known.

As a responsible member of the global community, India has collaborated with its allies to provide massive amounts of foodgrains and humanitarian supplies. If there was ever a time to consider the group solutions produced through the path of negotiation and diplomacy, it is now, Singh said.

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