Wrinkles near the eyes are not a sign of old age, these are also the reason

Wrinkles around the eyes reflects negatively on your look. It is considered a sign of old age, but in reality it is due to the skin being dry. If your skin is soft and soft then it will not happen even after aging. If your skin is also becoming like this, then tension is not needed. Some tips can help you.

Lemon juice
They are actually caused by the softening of the skin cells. When your body starts lacking vitamin E, then your skin also begins to tingle. Because of which it increases. For this it is important that you start consuming citrus fruits like lemon etc. in your diet. Apart from this, you can also do a light massage of lemon juice around your eyes.

Coconut Oil
This is a great home remedy. Coconut oil contains the nutrition and fat required for skin. So that dryness relaxes the skin. If your skin is starting to get very dry, then at the time of sleeping at night, give a light massage of coconut oil on your face. If wrinkles have occurred, then lightly massage around the eyes with the finger.

Vitamin E
Lack of this essential vitamin also causes skin to dry and dry. To avoid this, it is important that you include vitamin E in your diet. It is usually lacking in vegetarian women. For this, you can massage around your eyes with vitamin E capsule.

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