Cruel human tortured a pigeon to death in his resident building

Feb 14 2019 11:20 AM
Cruel human tortured a pigeon to death in his resident building

Mumbai: Another case of animal apathy took place as a resident of Kalyan tortured a pigeon to death by tying it upside down outside her residence. The resident tied the pigeon outside the window of her flat situated on the fifth floor. A resident of Kalyan, the accused has been booked by the police.

The police was informed about the case after an animal activist, Bimlesh Navani got to know about the incident and lodged an FIR against the accused at the Kolshewadi police station. While talking to the Times of India, he stated that some locals informed her about the incident after which she decided to take action.

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Navani stated that she was informed about the incident by some of the locals. The locals alleged that the accused had tied a pigeon upside down outside the window of her flat for several hours. Navani added that the bird had been struggling for around seven to eight hours and even banged its body against the building in an attempt to escape.

According to Navani, the accused wanted to teach the bird a lesson for flying into her house. She lodged a complaint on Monday at a local police station. The FIR has been registered under the Section 11(1) of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (1960) for torturing a mute animal. While an FIR has been registered against the accused, her arrest has not been made yet. Some of the locals clicked the picture of the struggling bird but could not rescue it on time.

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