Cleanse the crystal ball and keep them in the bedroom and see the magic!

Aug 08 2019 12:18 PM
Cleanse the crystal ball and keep them in the bedroom and see the magic!

All of you must have heard of the crystal ball. A crystal ball is used according to astrology. There are many such positive vibes inside the crystal ball. And it works to remove the negativity around us. Not only that, but it also transforms our health destiny and relationship into a positive change and fulfils all our desires. So today we're going to tell you some of the highlights of the crystal ball.

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The crystal ball is said to be a symbol of luck i.e. good luck and hang it out of the red thread in the house. At the same time, using the crystal ball at home increases the positive energy, but it is also said that it is very important to purify it first. Yes, if you want to fulfil any wishes of your mind then you have got four to five teaspoons of salt in a glass. Then dip the ball under the water for about 1 week.

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Make sure that after a week has passed, clean the ball out of the water and keep it in the morning sun for about 2 to 3 hours. It is said that this crystal ball is purified by doing so. On the other hand, if you want peace and tranquillity in your home and want even more strength in your relationship with it, you can place the ball between south and west. At the same time, you can also keep the ball in your bedroom as keeping the ball in the bedroom makes the love between the husband and wife even deeper.

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