Feeling hungry again and again? Eat cucumbers, will get many health benefits

Aug 16 2019 04:09 PM
Feeling hungry again and again? Eat cucumbers, will get many health benefits

Many people feel hungry so they immediately start eating junk food such as chips or burgers as snacks. But these can be harmful to your health. But if you feel hungry again and again, you can also eat these cucumber dishes which can soothe your appetite. The founder and chief dietitian of Balance Nutrition, Ladish Rupani, is talking about one such dish here. According to them, you can eat cucumber salad to satisfy your hunger.

Eat cucumber salad this will not only soothe your salty food appetite but also keep your stomach full for a long time. Let us know how to make cucumber salads.

Take a fresh cucumber and peel it well and cut it into pieces.

Take half the chopped lemon and squeeze it on the cucumbers.

Add a handful of mint leaves and a pinch of amchur powder. Shake it and mix well.

How it benefits:

However, cucumbers are cool and add lemon, mint and mango powder to satisfy your salty food when you eat it. In this sense, you can soothe your salt appetite without eating too much salt. In addition, cucumbers and mint are also high in potassium and lemons give you enough vitamin C, which helps to flush out the bad toxins present in the body.

At the same time, keep in mind that frequent salt-hungry foods are a symptom of vitamin and mineral deficiency in the body. In addition, girls also have a strong desire to eat snacks due to changes in hormones a few days before the period. Never spoil your health by eating chips or other snacks, but eat healthy foods.

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