Miscreants firing on police force near Delhi's famous Akshardham temple, sensation spread
Miscreants firing on police force near Delhi's famous Akshardham temple, sensation spread

New Delhi: Reports of four unidentified armed miscreants firing on a police team have surfaced near Akshardham temple in the national capital Delhi. It is being told that four-wheelers came from the vehicle. According to police sources, when the police attempted to stop the miscreants' vehicle, they opened fire on the police team. After this, the police also retaliated. Seeing the police action, the crook escaped towards Geeta Colony.

Since this incident, the police has been searching for miscreants. It is being told that there has been no loss of life or property in this incident. However, the police is investigating the entire matter thoroughly. Sources say that Delhi Police had been receiving looting and theft complaints near Akshardham temple for the last few days.

After this complaint, the police laid a trap to nab the miscreants. When the vehicle of the miscreants passed from there, the police tried to stop their car, but the miscreants did not stop the car and started firing on the police. Although the police retaliated, the crooks ran away with the car. Police are currently conducting a search operation to catch the miscreants.

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