Cumin, salt, and carom seeds are most effective for these problems in summer

We all are aware that if there is any problem related to the stomach, then cumin-celery is in jail. However, celery contains excellent antioxidants, fiber, iron, copper, manganese, zinc, magnesium nicotinic acid and many problems can be got rid of it. Along with this, black salt is also excellent because the amount of sodium in it is very less. Not only this, but apart from this, many minerals, elements like calcium iron are found in it and with the help of these 3 things, any pain in the body gets relief. Now today we are going to tell you which problems end by eating these three together.

Indigestion- The problem of gas has become common in summer, although it happens in every season and due to work from home physical activity has reduced a lot. Due to this our food is not easily digested. In such a situation, the antioxidant fiber present in cumin, ajwain, black salt is excellent in stomach upset.

Teeth- The use of cumin, carom seeds, black salt also provides relief in toothache. Yes, the calcium included in all these makes your teeth strong. Along with this, the bad smell coming from the mouth is also removed.

Immunity- To strengthen the body's immunity system, it is beneficial to eat cumin seeds, carom seeds, black salt together. Yes and you get huge benefits.

Blood pressure- A mixture of cumin, ajwain, black salt is also very beneficial in reducing blood pressure. Yes and due to its consumption, your BP blood sugar also remains in the central.

Weight- Cumin, carom seeds, black salt, the digestive system is also fine. In such a situation, people who want to lose weight can consume all three.

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