Homemade Rice & Yogurt Body Scrub For Smooth Skin

Aug 13 2019 08:48 PM
Homemade Rice & Yogurt Body Scrub For Smooth Skin

When the skin starts drying and dull, you need a moisturizing body scrub. This keeps your skin bolder and the face also appears to feed. There is a good variety of such scrubs in the market, but you can also use natural scrubs if you wish. Today we're telling you how to make a body scrub with rice and curd. Find out more about it.

How to Make Rice-Yogurt Scrub

Soak one cup of basmati rice or long rice in water for four hours.

Now remove the water and spread the rice on a clean cloth.

When the cloth absorbs water and the rice is dried, try to break them with your fist. Or grind the coarse in the mixer.

Now add the rice in a bowl and add half the thick curd. Let the rice be found in curds.

Now add 3-4 old lavender oil and mix it all together.

Your moisturizing body scrub is ready.

How to use

Apply the scrub on the entire body and massage lightly for two to three minutes.

Wash the body with lukewarm water. Doing so will remove dead skin sales.

For good results, use this scrub one day and the other day.


Yogurt works by giving moisture to the dry skin. Dardar powders exfoliate the rice skin. This makes it easy to remove dead skin cells. The essential oil added to this scrub also helps to remove itching and burning on the skin.

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