Cyber attack on NASA's server with this $25 computer

Jun 23 2019 01:09 PM
Cyber attack on NASA's server with this $25 computer

Recently, there has been a cyber attack on the U.S. space agency NASA. The US Office of the Inspector General's report has revealed that data has been brushed into NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) systems. 500MB data was stolen in this data breach. The cyber attack leaked data from 23 files. NASA has not yet received any information about the hacker. It is expected to get the informaLG to introduce cheapest triple-camera smartphone in Indiation about the hacker soon.

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This is not the first time that such a cyber attack has taken place on NASA before last year that NASA had leaked a lot of critical data. What's more, the Raspberry Pi Computing System was used in this cyberattack on NASA. priced at 25 to 35 dollars. The size of the Raspberry Pi computer is as much as a credit card. According to the report, data related to NASA's many important missions was accessed by the attacker. It also includes access to data related to a car-like vehicle on the Curiosity Rover, Mars.

During the cyber attack on the JPL network, hackers intercepted and gained access to NASA's deep space network. The deep space network is used to operate an antenna for communications in space. After detecting the attack, the security team at the johnson space center immediately disconnected the systems associated with the affected network. NASA has tightened security but no information about the hacks has been received so far.

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