Start cycling to stay fit, know its amazing benefits

Sep 06 2019 08:26 PM
Start cycling to stay fit, know its amazing benefits

The Fit India movement has begun. Due to this, everyone is becoming aware for their health and fitness and so are others. If you have to stay fit then there is nothing better for you than a bicycle. Cycling is one such habit. Which has been left since the convenience of cars. Today we are going to tell you what the benefits of cycling can be.

Blood pressure remains balanced

Cycling helps in circulating blood properly in the body.  The reason for many diseases is the imbalance of blood pressure. This balance is caused by cycling, which relieves many kinds of problems.

Loses weight

Cycling is the best exercise for weight loss. After the age of thirty most of the men start getting fat on their stomach. Whereas in women, fat accumulates in the abdomen, thigh, back part of the waist. Cycling puts pressure on all these parts of the body and causes fat burning. By cycling 30 minutes daily, you can stay away from obesity.

Beneficial for bone health

Cycling is also very beneficial for bone health. Inactive lifestyle leads to weight gain, which puts extra weight on bones and they start to weaken and weaken. Bones are stronger when cycling. Actually, through cycling, your whole body gets good exercise. This strengthens bones and increases your physical capacity.

Anti ageing
Cycling is also an anti-ageing exercise. With blood circulation correct, bones strong, and melting of fat on your stomach, you start to look ten years younger than your age. At the same time, it also enhances the skin.

Heart diseases will not happen
Cycling is an aerobic exercise, which has many benefits. This reduces the risk of heart diseases. This activity increases the production of chemicals like serotonin, dopamine and phenylethylamine in the brain, which makes us forget sadness and feel happy all the time.

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