Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis to encounter a vote of no confidence today
Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis to encounter a vote of no confidence today

The government of embattled populist Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis is to face a vote of no confidence on Thursday, June 3.

Babis is He is accused of failure in the fight against the coronavirus.  H is now criticized for having a conflict of interest as a politician and founder of a business conglomerate, and he has been threatened with prosecution for fraud relating to Europeion Union subsidies. Representatives of five opposition conservative and liberal parties have announced that they planned to bring the motion.

A simple majority of all 200 members of parliament is required for a successful vote of no confidence. The five parties together have 68 MPs, and additional votes are expected from right-wing MPs.

The attitude of the communist KSCM, which has not yet decided whether its 19 MPs will vote against the government or leave the chamber, is considered decisive. There's only been one successful no-confidence vote in Czech history.

According to a recent poll by the Median agency, Babis' ANO party would only come second in an election, with 23 percent of the vote. The strongest grouping would be the electoral alliance of the Pirate Party and the Mayors and Independents party with 24 percent.

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