Daily Horoscope: GEMINI advised to Stay away from water today, read today’s prediction here…..

Feb 04 2019 10:12 AM
Daily Horoscope: GEMINI advised to Stay away from water today, read today’s prediction here…..

ARIES It is a favourable day for taking a decision on worldly aspects concerning your own work, state jobs, business, acquiring higher position etc. Success will depend on your humble approach and luck. Enjoy the pleasant moments of life. You are advised to opt for outfits containing a mixture of both these colors. Today it is auspicious to consume bitter-sour food items like Indian gooseberry (Amla) or 'Harad'.

TAURUS This day will be a day of fortune for you. You are free to take any decisions and start new projects This day is especially favorable for undertaking religious activities, meditation, devotion and obtaining blessings from God.  Today, people will be full of praise for your good qualities. You will pass your time happily with your spouse and children.

GEMINI Keep pending all your important work today. Refrain from taking any important decisions. Remain contented with whatever happy moments you can get from the day. Do not go to any unknown place if possible.  Today you may experience some moments of mental agony. Avoid red and white color today. Stay away from water.

CANCER Today you can take any decision and can start any new project independently. This day is also favorable for loan transactions and entering into sale and purchase deals. his day is also favorable for loan transactions and entering into sale and purchase deals Today is the day of progress for you. 

LEO This will not be a favorable day for you to take up matters relating to purchase deals. Do not get entangled in giving or taking loans. Do not enter into any dispute even if you visualize success in it. This is a suitable day for consulting the doctor in case you are suffering from a disease. Take every care while working, as you are susceptible to injury today. Take note of the outward enemies and the enemies prevailing inside you.

VIRGO Note that the move you take today will decide your future. today you may asses your own knowledge or may apply the same elsewhere. If you are experiencing a favourable phase, then you may decide in favour of taking important decisions this day. Avoid rich foods or else there is a likelihood of a stomach problem

LIBRA You may panic while going through the impacts of various circumstances In spite of being under adverse situations you will experience profits, enjoy delicious food etc Your mind will be preoccupied with suspicion. You may suspect people without having any reason to do so. Remain alert while driving and while taking up a journey. Your mind might be occupied with evil or fearful thoughts. You are advised not to use red and white colour today.

SCORPIO This is a day of prosperity for you. This is a day to share enthusiasm and work in a team, as it will be favourable for you and others as well. You will look more attractive to those who love you. You will derive pleasure and happiness everywhere, in any work you take-up. This day will be more fruitful from the viewpoint of developing writing skills and leadership qualities. 

SAGITTARIUS You may receive a letter or a message today. You are advised not to go finalize deals related to loan and financial investments today. You can opt for going ahead with various works concerning taking up travel, sale & purchase deals, initiating new projects, making decisions etc. depending upon your experiencing favourable or unfavourable times.  today you will achieve success against all odds.

CAPRICORN This is a good time to bring about a reform in your life and come out successful as a changed person. Utilize your emotions properly to arrive at your aims and objectives Recognize your internal strengths, and take appropriate steps for its growth and adequate utilization. This day is also favourable in matters relating to love and romance.

AQUARIUS Don't enter into a purchase of any type of material this day nor initiate new projects, financial investments, loan deals, taking up journey etc It would be best for you if you pass this day peacefully. Complete your work without getting irritated. While mental depression and pain. Do not allow others to use your bed. Avoid going to high altitude place, as there is a risk of falling down. 

PISCES You may undoubtedly get involved in all types of businesses starting from taking decisions, initiating new projects, People will stand in your support today. They will praise you for your good qualities. You will achieve success in the field of education, knowledge and religion. There will be an increase in your income. 

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