Daily Horoscope, May 15, 2019: Find out what the stars have in store for you

May 15 2019 08:42 AM
Daily Horoscope, May 15, 2019: Find out what the stars have in store for you


You haven’t always had life your own way, but the boot is now on the other foot: some people may well get away with taking advantage of you, but not for long. However, all things considered, you may be wise to give way gracefully; your natural charm has not deserted you.


You are the glue in your social circle right now Taurus. Your friends might be having some disagreements, but you’re the one who has to be the rock and solve them. Try to pick a neutral ground and don’t take anyone’s side. Remind your friends how important it is to have each other.


The strongest planet in your solar chart is now the Moon, so you must expect to feel just that much more emotional than usual. However, you will soon be weeping tears of joy rather than sorrow. In fact, those of you favoured most are the carefree and young-at-heart.


Try to move slowly today. There’s no particular direction you need to be heading in right now as everything is already lining up for you pretty well. So hold yourself back in making life changing decisions. Instead, let things play out for themselves and you’ll see how good they end up working out for you.


The past few weeks have seen so much financial uncertainty that it’s hard to believe you’re heading for a smoother ride. If important discussions are now in progress, then don’t force the pace; other people require more time to make up their minds.


Your career is putting stress on your personal life and this seems to be bothering you. However, don’t you worry as today your loved ones will finally understand your love and dedication to your work. They’ll understand how busy you are and will give you the space you’ve been looking for. Things will run smoothly today for you.


Underneath your tender and gracious exterior, you can be a tough cookie. Now that the aggressive planet Mars is giving you such backing, you will be able to steamroller colleagues into accepting your wishes. Family members should be the first to bend to your will.


Today is a great time to get into team activities. Whether it’s at work or with friends & family, you’re going to be great at communicating with others. If you have any new ideas then today is the perfect day to tell others about it as you’ll be able to make them understand you in the best way possible.


Mercury and Venus are the two planets signifying your social contacts at the moment. The fact that they are in mysterious and creative sections of your horoscope, suggests that all in this department is not as it seems, but the answers may not be available for another couple of weeks.


Your creativity and imagination is at its best today. After a long time you’re feeling like you have new ideas flowing all through you. Don’t keep these ideas to yourself. Share them with your colleagues as they will definitely not go unnoticed. Trust yourself and your skills.


Deep down you know that certain aspects of your professional life must alter, and that your worldly ambitions must be called into question. Inevitably, friends will remind you of such stark realities, and while you may be slightly irritated, really you should be grateful.


You might be feeling incredibly stressed today. But remember that you’re good at handling stress. Communicate with the people around you and divide your to-do list. This way, you’ll get everything done, yet you’ll have some help. Don’t worry, you’ll not leave anything unattended. You just need a helping hand today.

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