Daily Horoscope, May 16, 2019: Find out what the stars have in store for you today

May 16 2019 08:45 AM
Daily Horoscope, May 16, 2019: Find out what the stars have in store for you today

Each day brings new challenges and hurdles with it, but, there are also aspects to look forward to. Wondering what your Friday looks like? Thanks to the science of astrology, we've got you covered. Check out the daily horoscope for your respective zodiac signs below. 


Be careful today. Have a clear focus on what you want, especially if it involves partnering up with someone. If you’re into business then today is a good day for you to go ahead and take risks as they will work out in your favour. However, remember to be clear about what you want as your words might be misunderstood.


Travel plans, new horizons and all forms of communication are powerfully highlighted by the current historic positions of helpful Jupiter and eccentric Uranus. You may be searching for romantic ecstasy. The good news is that your hopes may be fulfilled, but not yet. Just wait a while longer!


Today is an important phase in your life. You will be making a few crucial decisions. At work, you will come up with several fresh ideas, which, along with your willpower, form the winning concoction for your company. In the evening, you may spend a few extra bucks on comforts and entertainment.


Luck is on your side today. Everything will fall into place itself without you even moving a finger. Try not to let this get to your head and don’t get too comfortable with it. However, do enjoy your lucky day as the stars are aligned in your favour today. You will receive whatever you want and have been hoping for.


It may soon become apparent just why you have to stay put and accept certain limitations. Yet all your instincts will be urging you to break out and abandon those obligations which have now become so onerous; there’s no point in carrying the cares of the world on your shoulders.


Today will be an imaginative and fruitful day for you at the workplace. You will feel your professional best in the afternoon. With your elegance, you will manage to put your ideas across the table and win the approval of your boss. You may pamper your beloved lavishly later in the evening.


Your finances are in great shape today. You will receive good news regarding money as well. Invest your money in something useful today and restrict yourself from spending it all in one place. This investment will turn into something huge in the future. Remember to save up.


You must press ahead, secure your independence and put other people in their place. No amount of pressure or persuasion or any other emotional blackmail must be allowed to hold you back. I’m saying that partly because, for once, you seem to be able to get things done without getting in a flap.


A mixed bag of fortunes in store today. At work, expect the unexpected and overlook the expected. Don't you worry if you stumble there, says Ganesha, for the evening promises to be ecstatic and a fitting finale to a rather muddled day.


You’re too much of a workaholic and people are going to notice it today. Your friends will push you to go out with them and socialise. You should listen to them for a change Capricorn as all work no play will make you dull. Try to forget about your job and have some fun today.


There is a lot to be said for allowing things to cool down, especially at work. If you are doubtful about any personal project or relationship, then do not try to force the pace or insist that plans are put into effect prematurely. If you haven’t got the details sorted out first, then you risk rejection.


You might as well drive into a brick wall and hope it is spongy, as expect to achieve a lot of success today. However, this does not mean that you ought to give up. Indeed, it is the Herculean efforts that you put in today that will bring you many laurels and much appreciation, as well as stupendous success in the near future.

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