Daily Horoscope, May 18, 2019: Check out your daily horoscope

May 18 2019 09:05 AM
Daily Horoscope, May 18, 2019:  Check out your daily horoscope

Each day brings new challenges and hurdles with it, but, there are also aspects to look forward to. Wondering what your Saturday looks like?  Here's the daily astrology prediction for Saturday for all zodiac signs below.


It’s a good day for you to learn. You’ve been trained to do the same thing and you feel that you know it all. However, it’s never too late to learn something new. Keep an open mind and take whatever lessons that come your way. This will only add to your wisdom and help you in the future.


The world as a whole will be short on sound judgment this weekend, so please don’t feel singled out if you are the victim of unfair criticism or attacks from friends or relatives. It might be that partners have a good reason for their moods, even if they’re nothing to do with you!


You will be in the mood to spend the day doing the things that you really love. You will consider helping people in need and will be in a generous mood. Your charitable bent of mind will bring you elevated social status and improved self-esteem.


You’ve been putting off a complicated piece of work for quite some time now. It’s high time you get your mind straight and finish it. Procrastination is something that you tend to do, but today is a good day to get your priorities straight and finish up all your tasks. You’ll feel better when you have nothing on your plate.


You don’t take kindly to being told to wait your turn and hold your horses. However, it will be a brave Leo who takes on any new initiatives. It is time to keep your head down and avoid trouble, waiting until you sense that blind opposition has passed, and reason has returned.


Business and pleasure will be well balanced. Ganesha says you will enjoy the party which will seem endless today. Your monetary outflow will be in direct proportion to the time you spend just lazing around. However, we advise you to spend sensibly and not to worry about it.


You might feel a bit fussy about things today as you aren’t organized. Don’t worry Libra, we all have those days. Try not to think about it too much. Be a little flexible, because this will help you in your career and your personal life. You don’t have to do everything exactly how you planned it. You can take a breather and do things in other ways as well.


Your financial stars are growing stronger, and that augurs well for your material security. But, you will need to be a super-enlightened person to avoid some of the emotional flak which is flying around this weekend. It’s all down to the Sun-Moon alignment so it won’t last long.


You feel like going back to carefree, childhood days. You even practice that by taking an impromptu pleasure trip, in the outskirts of the city. And bumping into an old pal, reliving your past is like an icing on the cake. Golden moments are best undescribed and you too, by the end of the day, are speechless for this wonderful day!


You might feel like you have no energy today. This just means that you need to refuel Capricorn. What’s something you do to get your energy back? If you haven’t had the time to do it, then today is the perfect day to get back out there. You need your energy, and the best way to do it is to find something that will get you working and active again. Try playing a sport you’re interested in.


Several of your planets are now at loggerheads, all apparently determined to frustrate each other’s efforts so you may feel pulled and pushed in different directions. There seems little you can do to resolve such pressures just yet, but you may be able to live with them quite happily.


You are not by nature ill-tempered or jealous. However, you will need to be on guard against being both, today. Someone may try to sully your image or slander your name today. However, the best way to deal with provocation is not to lose your temper and to continue as usual, for things will take care of themselves soon enough.

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