2016 huge benefit provoked Daimler to work more in India

Feb 11 2017 12:10 PM
2016 huge benefit provoked Daimler to work more in India

After five years of strive in the Indian market, Daimler is excited about the benefit it made during last year. Sources revealed the reports of the annual performance of the company, Head of Daimler Truck Asia Marc Listosella said, "Daimler Trucks Asia has never been as profitable as last year. DICV has never done better financially as in the last year.” 

Listosella further added, "Not positive yet, but clearly on the way there. We’re planning to operationally break even at least in one-quarter this year, and next year our clear aim is to be profitable.” 

Listosella talked about the profit of the company saying, “DICV has been on the market for just four and a half years. We’re a start-up. No other market entrant has managed to sell more than 40,000 trucks in such a short time. Still, profitability is more important for us than market share or sales figures.” 

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