Dams Rehabilition and improvement worth INR 10211 crore was approved by Union Cabinet

Oct 29 2020 11:09 PM
Dams Rehabilition and improvement worth INR 10211 crore was approved by Union Cabinet

The Union Cabinet approved externally aided DRIP Phase II and Phase III in the meeting held on October 29, 2020. It will initially cover Nineteen (19) States and three (3) Central Agencies, the budget is Rs 10,211 Cr for an implementation period of ten (10) years. The scheme will be implemented in two Phases, each of six (6) years duration, with two (2) years’ overlap. The project funds physical rehabilitation of key dams as well as capacity building of dam operators for better operation of dams.  

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India is the third global country with 5334 dams in operation.  411 dams are under construction and several thousand dams ensuring water security of the country. Indian dams approximately stores 300 billion cubic meter of water annually. The dams holds major responsibility in terms of asset management and safety. The deferred maintenance and other health issues, these dams have associated risks in case of failure which may be catastrophic, with human life loss and property loss. 

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The first phase covers 223 dams in 7 states, improving safety and operational performance and  institutional strengthening through a system wide management approach, strengthening overall culture of dam safety in the country. Measures to improve hydrologic safety, hydro-mechanical measures, seepage reduction, structural stability etc., non structural measures such as dam break analyses, emergency action plans, O&M manuals, will be made for the selected dams. It is expected to generate approximately 10,00,000 person days for unskilled workers, and 2,50,000 person days for working professionals.  

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