To attract his partner, the bird did such a dance that you will be left watching

A variety of videos go viral on social media day in and day out. Sometimes some videos touch the heart so much that it fascinates the mind. Now one such video is fast going viral at the moment. This video is from a bird you have rarely seen before. However, the video was shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma on Twitter and has now become a part of the headlines.



You can see a glimpse of one of nature's many beautiful exploits in this video. The video shows a beautiful bird sitting on a tree, and as soon as another bird comes in front of it, it starts dancing. To make this video more attractive, you can hear what is ringing Folk music behind. Now, after watching this video, users have also started giving their reactions.

Under the information received, the name of the bird is Vogelkop Superb Bird, who performs such a beautiful dance to attract his partner. At the moment you can see this shocking video has captivated people. IPS officer Rupin Sharma shared the video and captioned it as 'Amazing beauty of nature.' Now people are increasingly liking the video on social media and people are giving their opinions.

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