Dang's 12 tribal families back from Christianity to Hinduism

Dec 28 2020 02:08 PM
Dang's 12 tribal families back from Christianity to Hinduism

Dang: 12 tribal families of Dang district of Gujarat night converted to Christianity from Christianity. In the presence of Sadhvi Yashoda Didi at Shivarimal in Dang district, these families changed their religion by law. Dang itself is a district in Gujarat where 40 per cent people have converted to Christianity. The number of Christian converts here has increased rapidly in the last few years.

Sadhvi Yashoda said that 'after converting the religion of the Christian tribal families, we have made them return home. These are the same people who were already Hindus, but due to greed for money and other reasons started going to church and gradually became Christians. However, now they realize that our heritage is real and our Sanatan Dharma is a true religion, believing that these people are now returning to Hinduism.'

On January 24 this year, 144 people of the tribal community adopted Hinduism in Dang. Even then, the Sadhvi Yashoda of Shivarimal Ashram of the district said that first, all the people were Hindus. He said that some local religious leaders had organized a program in Bhogadia village in collaboration with Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Sadhvi said, "These warli tribals were lured by missionaries to become Christians 5 years ago. But, now these people are telling us that, they are not comfortable in following that religion. So we arranged for a 'homecoming' program."

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