Daughter reaches father-in-law's room after latching her husband's bed and then...

Feb 12 2020 07:20 PM
Daughter reaches father-in-law's room after latching her husband's bed and then...

Recently, a new case of crime has come up in Masratu Panchayat of Katkamdag police station area. In this case, the woman had attacked her father-in-law with an ax and the accused remained present even after the incident but did not let anyone suspect. On Friday morning, he reached the spot and arrested the woman. In this case, the police say, 'The deceased Ganesh Rana was a tailor'.

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According to the incident, everyone ate food on Thursday night and after this everyone went to sleep in their respective rooms. The woman accused in the case walked into her room with husband Amar Rana, a 32-year-old Dolly Devi. After that, his sister-in-law and father-in-law went to their respective rooms. Dolly woke up around 10 pm the same day and she first locked room from outside so that her husband would not get news. After that, he put the latch from outside the room of the sister-in-law so that she too does not know anything.

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At the end, she went to the father-in-law's room and after this, the woman picked up the ax and attacked the father-in-law continuously, which led to the death of the father-in-law. Hearing the sound of their screaming, everyone got sleepy and in the meantime, the people also reached there. Daughter-in-law pretended to take the seriously injured father-in-law to Sadar Hospital but the father-in-law could not escape and then police investigated the matter and took daughter-in-law into custody.

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