Daughter took 75 lakhs from father in Kanyadan and donated

Nowadays, there are many shocking reports. One such news has come from Barmer in Rajasthan. Yes, in fact, a wedding has become a part of the headlines here. According to the information received, a daughter donated rs 75 lakh from her father to the girls hostel at the wedding. Yes, the father has gladly set a great example for the society by fulfilling his daughter's wishes. Now this step of daughter and father is being discussed everywhere.

Tell all of you, the girl's name is Anjali and there is a big story of their struggle behind her move. Anjali says that after passing class 12, when she wanted to study further, people in her community started taunting her and asked which collector or SP she would become by reading. Anjali studied till 12th from Jodhpur and then came to Delhi. After that Anjali completed her graduation here and is now studying LLB. Anjali's father Kishore Singh Kanode has already donated Rs 1 crore for the construction of the girls hostel, though the project remained incomplete as the cost increased by Another Rs 75 lakh.

When Anjali came to know about this, she decided to build girls' hostels in any case. When Anjil's wedding was fixed with Praveen Singh on November 21, Anjali told her father that she wanted Rs 75 lakh in Kanyadan which she wanted to give for the girls hostel. The father obeyed the daughter. Now that is why Anjali's discussions are taking place everywhere.

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