Daughter trapped in Ukraine, upset mother seeks help from CM helpline, gets such a reply that...

Vidisha: The ongoing war in Russia and Ukraine is disturbing the people of MP, whose children had gone to study in Ukraine. In such a situation, the family members are worried about their children due to the ongoing tension between the two countries. In MP, there is a big hope of the chief minister's helpline number. But if the responsible people sitting in the chief minister's helpline shirk their responsibility, then the victim will become sad and frustrated.

One such incident has come to light from Vidisha. When the mother of Vidisha student Srishti Wilson, who lives in Ukraine, called the chief minister's helpline and asked for help to call back her daughter, she got a reply from the chief minister's helpline that she did not expect. In fact, Vidisha student Srishti Wilson is also studying in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv. She wants to come to India from Ukraine, standing on the brink of war, but she doesn't see any way to return.

In such a situation, the worried mother called the chief minister's helpline to appeal to the government to bring back the daughter and sought help. But you will be surprised to hear the reply she got from the Chief Minister's helpline. The chief minister's helpline replied that if there is a case of Madhya Pradesh, call. This is an incident in Ukraine, so file a report in the Ukraine police station itself. The same is the daughter of Vaishali Wilson, who is posted as a lab technician at the blood bank in Vidisha, Who is studying MBBS in Ukraine. Srishti is currently undergoing its 5th semester. Srishti's mother is very worried about the situation of war there and seeing the tension increasing, she wants her daughter to return as soon as possible. Srishti's mother said that she is trying to get her daughter out of the war-filled environment. She tried to talk to the officers many times, but it could not happen.

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