MP: Daughter born after 50 years at home, welcomed with drums and flowers

Bhind: Chambal in Madhya Pradesh is an area where mourning was visible if a daughter was born in the house. Here people were in search of a son and were at the forefront of sacrificing their daughters. However, times have changed and people's thinking is also changing. Under the information received, it is now celebrated here, not mourning, when the daughter is born. The village of Bhind, which is currently celebrating, is called Mehgaon. The daughter has been born after 50 years at Sushil Sharma's house living here.

The family is reportedly so happy with the birth of their daughter at home that flowers have been showered to celebrate the daughter's arrival at home. Yes, when the daughter came to the house, flowers were laid and Tuladan was made to welcome her. Not only that but also the footprints of Ladli Lakshmi were taken while welcoming her. There has reportedly been an atmosphere of celebration since the birth of the daughter. According to reports, the daughter was born on September 16 at the house of Sushil Sharma and Ragini Sharma who live in Mehgaon. Sushil Sharma's aunt was born to him earlier and had no sister after that.

Sushil always felt a lack of a sister in his mind. Sushil's daughter was reportedly born in a private hospital in Gwalior. Sushil Sharma reportedly contacted the camp members to welcome his daughter and invited them to his place. After about 3 hours of preparation, the baby entered the house.

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