PM Modi to address World Economic Forum today

New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi will address the World Economic Forum conference on Monday. The PM's address will be held at around 8.30 pm Indian time. This conference is held every year in the gorgeous city of Davos, Switzerland. However, it has to be done in virtual mode for the second time continuously due to corona infection.

This time the theme of the Davos conference is 'The State of the World'. Apart from PM Modi, in this special conference, which will run from January 17-21, many global leaders including Chinese President Xi Jinping, Japan PM Kishida Fumio, Australian PM Scott Morrison will give their views. This will also be the first major event of this year in the form of a conference attended by all the heads of state of the world.77

PM Narendra Modi first visited Davos's World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2018. 20 years later, there was a visit by an Indian PM. Before Prime Minister Modi, then PM H.D. Devgowda addressed the WEF. Pm Narendra Modi addressed the Davos Summit in virtual mode for the first time last year due to corona infection. In the second wave of corona when the situation in India was very bad. There was a lot of discussion about a part of PM Narendra Modi's speech in Davos. In fact, the PM had said in his speech, "What many eminent experts and big institutions in the world had said, it was predicted that India would be the worst affected country by corona in the world. It was said that there would be a tsunami of coronavirus in India. Someone said 700-800 million people were coronas, and someone estimated more than two million deaths. Today, India is one of the countries that has managed to save more and more lives from the corona.''

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