DAVV officer ‘mistakenly’ releases list leaders recommending admissions

Oct 30 2020 05:01 AM
DAVV officer ‘mistakenly’ releases list leaders recommending admissions

It is reported that a senior officer of Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV) mistakenly forwarded on a Whatsapp group a list of some select students using their political contacts to secure admission in professional courses offered by university teaching departments. The list not only carries names of the students but it has a mention about the courses in which they want admission and names of the contacts they activated to get entry into the DAVV campus.

Later on, the officer could realized his mistake and opt for the “delete for everyone” option on the group. Most of the members had already downloaded the PDF file of the list can it had become “undeletable” for him, so the officer left the group. In the afternoon, the university officer shared a list with the title “DAVV admission list”. Members on the group were shocked to notice only 17 names in the admission list. A closer look at the list revealed that the list carried names of the students, their percentage in qualifying exams, the courses they want admission into, and references they activated to get admission.

Unaware of the mistake, the officer reportedly got busy with daily routine work and took calls only from select persons. It was in the evening that someone told him that he had posted a list of some students seeking admission in DAVV through their political contacts and it had created a lot of buzz on the campus. The officer reportedly tried to delete the list but to no avail. So he quit the group. Most of the students in the list sought admission in MBA courses. One student wanted admission in BCom (Hons) course and one in BE (Computer Science). There were three other students which wanted admission in the LLB course at Government Law College which is affiliated to DAVV.

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