DAVV comes with good initiative, will provide training with pre-placement offer

Feb 26 2020 05:51 PM
DAVV comes with good initiative, will provide training with pre-placement offer

Indore: For the first time, Devi Ahilya University has started work on a new concept regarding placement. Pre-placement offers will be given only between summer training of management students starting DAVV and industrial training of engineering students. In which the student will get job offers along with better training. About 10 students can also get job offers in between training, for this, 8 companies including three UAE companies have agreed, while 50 to 60 students will get pre-placement offer a few days after the training starts.

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The students of the management course provide an opportunity to get involved in university summer training. Now skill is also being added to it. Skill Oriented Knowledge enabled students to get pre placement offers. Special industrial training is also given to engineering students.

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In the regular placement process, the university has surpassed the total data for the previous session 2018-19, at that time there were 1115 placements, now the figure has reached 1120. There are four months left for the completion of this session 2019-20. The management hopes that the figure will cross at least 1300. Dr. Nishikant Vaikar of Central Placement has told that the increase is less than 10% from the figure of last year. Working in the same direction.

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Due to the increase of 26% i.e. about 820 seats of the university under reservation on an economic basis, the target of placement for the coming session is also being increased. For 2020-21, the target of placement of one and a half thousand students will be decided. According to Avneesh Vyas, head of the Central Placement Cell, more targets are necessary because the number of students has increased. Along with management and engineering courses, there will be an emphasis on getting more number of placements to the students of other stream courses.

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