MP: 8-year-old innocent raped, murdered in Narsinghpur

Jun 07 2021 12:39 PM
MP: 8-year-old innocent raped, murdered in Narsinghpur

Jabalpur: Crime cases are on the rise day by day in Madhya Pradesh. The recent case is said to be from Tendukhera police station area in Narsinghpur district. An innocent girl (8 years) has been murdered here after rape. The body of the innocent was reportedly found in a straw dump and there was a hue and cry among the family members. Soon the incident came to light in the area.

The matter was reported to the police. On receiving the information, the police conducted panchnama proceedings and sent the body to a community health centre for postmortem. The postmortem of the body was conducted here. The death has reportedly been confirmed due to rape and blocking of breath by closing the mouth and nose. The couple living in Ward 9 in Tendukhera had gone for the vaccine around 3 pm on Saturday. The eldest daughter was playing with the children in the neighbourhood, and when he returned about an hour later, their daughter was not found.

Meanwhile, the interrogation in the vicinity did not reveal anything and the duo rushed to the police station to lodge a complaint. A police team was activated in connection with the sensitive case and the body of the girl was recovered at 10 am last Sunday in the straw house of a neighbouring family. Now, 5 teams have been formed to search for the suspected accused man. On the other hand, the children had seen a young man living in the neighbourhood taking the girl to the room, who later disappeared after locking the room. Police are now on the lookout for the accused.

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