Woman's body found in sack on canal

May 13 2020 10:40 AM
Woman's body found in sack on canal

The crime case that has come up recently is that of Bettiah. Sensation has spread after the body of a 25-year-old woman tied in a sack on the dam of Bairia Bhithan big canal in West Champaran district on Tuesday. In this case, the police said that the killers also tied the hands and feet of the woman. There was a rush of people upon receiving the news of this matter and after receiving the information, the police station officer Amit Kumar, Jamadar Bihari Lal Nirala etc. reached there with the police force.

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The body has been sent to GMCH for post mortem. In this case, the police station officer Amit Kumar told that, "The body has not been identified yet, but at first sight only a case of murder is found because the rope was also tied in the body and there was a scar on the throat and blood came out of the nose." In this case, people said that it must have been strangled to death. The police is engaged in investigation on all points with nuances. Even in this lockdown, criminals may have used some vehicle to bring the dead body in the sack here, according to the police.

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It is being said that the police patrol team and the police stationed on the barrier at Khiriaghat will also be dodged by criminals. At the moment, there is an atmosphere of sensation in the areas related to this incident.

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