The death toll from Corona increased in Brazil and Mexico

Madrid: Corona's havoc has been increasing all over the world, and due to this virus, today the whole world has come to the verge of destruction. Today, due to the increasing infection of this virus, everyone's problems are increasing. But still, it cannot be said how long the virus will create havoc.

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Death toll in Brazil crosses one lakh 30 thousand: In Brazil, the number of deaths from Covid has reached one lakh 30 thousand. The Health Ministry has said on Friday that in the last 24 hours, the death toll due to the death of 874 victims has increased to one lakh 30 thousand 396. Meanwhile, due to 43 thousand 718 new cases, the number of infected people has crossed 42 lakh 82 thousand.

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So far 70 thousand have been killed in Mexico: In Mexico, the death toll of 534 victims on Friday has crossed 70 thousand 183. In the last 24 hours, 5,935 new cases were found, the number of Covid-19 patients exceeded 6 lakh 58 thousand. It is feared that more confirmed cases may occur in this country.

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