Death toll rises in US, 700 consecutive deaths in 3 days
Death toll rises in US, 700 consecutive deaths in 3 days

Washington: Everyone is troubled in the world today due to the problem of Coronavirus, which has been increasing continuously for many days. While there are so many people who are known today due to the outbreak of this virus and the epidemic. Not only this, due to the grip of this virus, millions of people are getting infected every day, while the death toll due to coronavirus is constantly increasing. Due to which today the whole human aspect has come to the end of destruction.  Today, more than 3 lakh 52 thousand people have lost their lives due to the virus. Even now, it cannot be said openly how long the virus will get rid of and when the situation will improve.

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Fewer than 700 deaths occurred in America for the third consecutive day: According to Johns Hopkins University, less than 700 people died due to coronavirus for the third consecutive day in the US, the total number of deaths due to coronavirus in the US so far is 98,875. Whereas according to data released by WorldMeter, the total number of dead has reached 1,00572 and 17,25.275 people are infected.

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Two Chilean ministers are Corona positive: Chile's Energy Minister Juan Carlos Jobet and Public Works Minister Alfredo Moreno have been found to be Corona positive in the investigation.

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UK to open non-essential goods shops from 15 June: British PM Boris Johnson has announced that all non-essential retail shops will open from 15 June as part of a plan to ease the Corona lockdown in the country. Johnson said the move is relevant in the fight against the Coronavirus. Retail shopkeepers have to follow new guidelines to protect customers and employees.

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