December 22 in History, Know about

Dec 22 2020 10:08 PM
December 22 in History, Know about

December 22,  Know about the important events, decision, first ever and so on happened across the world. 

1882- Thomas Alva Edison created first string of Christmas tree lights. 
1900- Daimler Motors delivered first Mercedes to buyer
1939- Two trains collide in Germany killing more than 100 people
1956- first-ever gorilla born in captivity named Colo was born in US
1977- US President Jimmy Crater had his first year as president
1990- Soviet union was dead and 11 former republics were announced
1989- Brandenburg Gate in Berlin reopened almost after 3 decades, 23 years of dictatorial rule of Nicolae Ceausescu ousted in Romania
2010- Gays were allowed to serve in US Military, US then President Barack Obama signed the concerned law. 

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