Deepfake Video Crackdown: Centre Sets Seven-Day Ultimatum for Social Media Platforms
Deepfake Video Crackdown: Centre Sets Seven-Day Ultimatum for Social Media Platforms

NEW DELHI: In a decisive move aimed at combating the proliferation of deepfake videos, the Union IT Ministry in New Delhi has issued a stern ultimatum to social media giants, mandating stringent actions within a seven-day timeframe. Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar disclosed plans to appoint a dedicated officer tasked specifically with probing deepfake content, a growing concern that has seen a surge in fabricated videos targeting political figures, including the Prime Minister, and prominent personalities circulating across online platforms.

Union Minister Ashwani Vaishnav spearheaded discussions with representatives from major social media companies, pressing for immediate action against the dissemination of deceptive content. The government's proactive step involves the imposition of fines on individuals responsible for propagating deepfake videos, signaling a zero-tolerance policy towards such malicious activities.

"The central government is gearing up to designate an officer to diligently investigate and take stringent action against cases involving deepfake content. Social media platforms have been given a seven-day deadline, starting today, to swiftly address and remove any such misleading videos. Pursuant to the IT Act, these platforms hold the responsibility to promptly eliminate flagged content within 36 hours of its appearance," stated Minister Chandrasekhar.

In parallel efforts, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology aims to launch a dedicated website, catering to public queries regarding IT laws. This platform will serve as a vital tool for reporting violations, facilitating the filing of FIRs against offenders. Minister Chandrasekhar emphasized the website's role in potentially unveiling the identities of individuals behind the dissemination of deceptive content, enabling the government to pursue legal action against perpetrators.

"The forthcoming website will not only serve as a hub for comprehending IT laws but will also act as a conduit for reporting violations. It's imperative that we address this issue swiftly and decisively, holding those responsible for creating and spreading deepfake content accountable for their actions," Minister Chandrasekhar affirmed, underscoring the government's unwavering commitment to combatting digital deception.

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