In an event, Deepika Padukone forgot that she is married, fans get agitated on watching the viral video!

Sep 17 2019 10:39 AM
In an event, Deepika Padukone forgot that she is married, fans get agitated on watching the viral video!

Bollywood's hot and sexy actress Deepika Padukone attended the Live Laugh Love Foundation event in the past and laid the foundation for this particular NGO for mental illnesses and patients. On the completion of four years of the NGO, Deepika started her first lecture series on mental health, and during this time Deepika forgot that she was married.

In the meantime, Deepika forgot that she was married. In fact, while talking about people's mental problems, Deepika mentioned all the characters in her real life. Talking to reporters, Deepika said, "I am a daughter, sister, actor."

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Deepika got stuck, then someone prompted her to be a wife from behind. On the other hand, Deepika laughed and completing her line and said, "Even a wife, my God I forgot." Deepika, meanwhile, said, "It's been four years since this NGO started today, I think we've come a long way now so we want to start this initiative of our lecture series today. I think similar conferences have significantly reduced the stigmas associated with mental illnesses in the last four years.

But in ways of awareness, we have to go far and wide, so we will continue to hold such conferences. This new lecture series will invite talented people from different professions who will share their experiences related to mental illness.

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At the same time, Deepika described the lecture series is open to everyone and said, "It is available to people from all corners of the world. Especially for those who are excited to work in this field and want to share their travel experience," said Deepika Padukone, who has spoken several times about her condition in which she has suffered from severe depression. On the other hand, some fans have been agitated by watching this video of Deepika and they say how Deepika can forget this...

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