Defiant Kejriwal Challenges Modi: Fight for Democracy
Defiant Kejriwal Challenges Modi: Fight for Democracy

Delhi's Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, urges Indians to resist what he calls "dictatorship," following his release from jail for campaigning in national elections. Kejriwal, a prominent critic of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was granted bail after being held in custody. His party alleges his arrest was politically motivated by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Kejriwal warns that the election's outcome will determine India's democratic future, accusing Modi of targeting opponents with criminal investigations. He vows to fight against what he perceives as an attempt to silence dissent.

The Chief Minister's government faced corruption allegations related to the sale of liquor in 2021, leading to the imprisonment of two of his allies. Despite the controversy, Kejriwal remains popular among supporters, with rallies held across India in his support.

Kejriwal, known for his anti-corruption stance, denies any wrongdoing and criticizes Modi's government for what he sees as hypocrisy in fighting corruption.

The Supreme Court allows Kejriwal temporary release for campaigning, emphasizing he has not been convicted. However, conditions include refraining from commenting on the case and interacting with witnesses.

Critics, including international rights groups, express concerns over India's democratic space, alleging the BJP exploits state institutions to target political opponents.

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