Patient reciting 'Hanuman Chalisa,' doctors in AIIMS perform brain surgery, operation...

New Delhi: A young woman underwent successful brain tumor surgery without completely sedating her in the neurosurgery department of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in the country's capital Delhi. The girl also continued to recite Hanuman Chalisa during the surgery. Tell you that brain surgery is considered to be one of the most difficult procedures for both the patient and the doctor. Doctors are also very careful to ensure that the patient does not have any problem during any such surgery and does not even know the surgery, but now the Neuro Anaesthetic Team of Delhi AIIMS has seen the charisma of undergoing brain surgery without sedating the patient. The video has been shared by livehindustan on Twitter.



During the surgery, the young woman not only remained completely conscious but also recited Hanuman Chalisa at the operation table. According to reports, two wake craniotomies were conducted in AIIMS on Thursday. One of them was a 24-year-old young school teacher with a large brain tumor (glioma) on the left side of the brain. She was cramming Hanuman Chalisa when the doctor was removing her tumor. A member in the operation theatre made a video of it, which is now going viral.

After the surgery, the young woman shampooed her hair and, unaware of any surgery on her, walked out of operation theatres smiling. Tell you that the right anesthesia care and accessories have made the work of doctors a little simpler. Since 2002, the Department of Neuro Surgery has been conducting a wake-up craniotomy (surgery without completely sedating). A lot depends on the rest of the patient during surgery.

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