Unable to afford medical treatment in Dubai, Dubai to Delhi with severed thumb, and in nick of time

New Delhi: India's doctors have a rich history of bringing pride to the country. After 22 hours, a team of physicians at Delhi's Akash Hospital were unable to reconnect a man's severed thumb. Sandeep Kumar, who works in Dubai, came in Delhi with his severed thumb and 300 cc of blood. Even back then, doctors were able to produce marvels through surgery.

Sandeep Kumar, a Rajasthan local, had relocated to Dubai in search of a better career. He began working as a carpenter there. His thumb abruptly parted from his hand as he was working. Sandeep was transported to a nearby hospital by his colleagues. Doctors have estimated that the procedure to attach the thumb will take four hours and cost roughly Rs 24 lakh. Sandeep could not afford such a pricey procedure. His family subsequently made the decision to get surgery in India. In India, the cost of this procedure was Rs. 3 lakh 65 thousand.

Sandeep arrived at Delhi's Akash Hospital after an 18-hour trek, where a team of physicians was ready to treat him. Sandeep's procedure began with a team of six physicians fix his thumb back. The thumb, according to Dr. Ashish Chaudhary, is the most significant component of our palm. It is utilised 45 percent of the time. He added that the procedure was particularly difficult owing to bleeding and the patient's late arrival. There are extremely rare occasions where an organ reconnects precisely as it was after a lengthy period of time. However, a team of surgeons was able to do this in a 6-hour procedure.

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