Chand Alam escapes after slitting girls throat

New Delhi: Delhi Police found the body of a woman covered with plastic and her throat slit. On Sunday (November 21, 2021), the police sent the body for postmortem and started investigating. Police investigation revealed that the deceased woman's name was Jharna. A night before the murder, a search of the call details of the Jharna revealed that she was with a man named Chand Alam.

According to police, the two had a sex dispute. Chand Alam was forced to have sex with the Jharna and when she refused, he slit her throat with scissors and killed the Jharna. Police have arrested Chand Alam from the Okhla area of Delhi. Jharna, 37, and Chand Alam, 26, met while working for a company in the Pul Prahladpur area on the Delhi-Faridabad border in 2015. The two had become friends then and spent time together. However, some time ago, Jharna broke up with Chand Alam and became friends with a man named Suraj. Chand Alam was angry about the same thing, planning to kill the Jharna.

Chand Alam confessed to the crime before the police. According to Chand Alam, he met Jharna at the Badarpur bus stop on November 21, 2021, from where he took her to a deserted quarter near the railway track in Okhla. It was here that he wanted to have sex forcefully, and when she refused, he took out scissors from the Jharna bag and slit her throat and killed her. Chand Alam covered the body with a plastic bag after the murder and also broke her mobile and dumped it. He threw the scissors and blood-stained clothes used in the murder into a drain and fled. However, he was caught due to phone records. According to Delhi Police, the deceased woman Jharna was married and also has 2 children. Killer Chand Alam is also married.

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