Father and son were running casinos in posh locality

New Delhi: South Delhi Police has busted a large casino. The casino was run by three Chartered Accountants (CA). The son of Delhi police ACP in the casino has also been arrested by Delhi police. It was being run in the posh area M Block of Casino South Extensions. Shockingly, casinos were run by father and son. Both are chartered accountants (CA) by profession. The south district police had raided the illegal casino. 16 persons have been arrested from here.

The same detained persons include the son of the ACP of Delhi Police. Police investigation revealed that the casino had been running for the past 10 months. Police officials said the arrested person has been identified as Manish Bindal and Ankur Bindal, who are father and son. While the third culprit is Vivek Jain, the son of the ACP of Delhi Police.

Delhi Police has also arrested a chartered accountant named Akash Sharda due to the raid. Thus, a total of 3 chartered accountants and one ACP's son have been arrested in this case. A total of 16 persons have been arrested by the police. The police have seized 1000 playing chips, 33 bricks, and cash of about one lakh 95 thousand rupees from this illegal casino. Inspector Atul Tyagi's team has busted this illegal casino. The criminals have revealed that they used to pay one and a half lakh rupees a month to the local police to run the casino. Police officers say that those police officers who were taking money to run the casino, will also be included in the inquiry and strict action will be taken.

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