Delhi CM urges people to avoid visiting river banks after Yamuna water-level rises
Delhi CM urges people to avoid visiting river banks after Yamuna water-level rises

NEW DELHI: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has  advised people to avoid visiting the river banks after Yamuna's water level touched the danger mark of 205.33 metres.

Kejriwal urged people to assist the government and said that provisions had been made for those who resided close to the Yamuna river.

"The water level of Yamuna has increased in Delhi. I kindly ask everyone to stay away from the water. For those who reside close to the Yamuna, we have taken the necessary precautions. cooperate with the administration and the government. We are keeping an eye on the situation and are prepared for anything "Tweeted Kejriwal

Kailash Gahlot, the minister of transport, had earlier said in tweet: "All of the agencies have been placed on high alert due to the rising Yamuna water level. People have been urged to keep clear from the river. Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister, is in charge of overseeing the situation. The necessary precautions have been made for the displaced's housing and food, and camps have been made for them." Yamuna's water level has risen above the 205.33-meter danger line. But on Saturday, the water level at the Old Railway Bridge (ORB) was 205.92 metres.

All concerned District Magistrates, the Irrigation and Flood Control (I&FC) department, the Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA), the Delhi Police, and other stakeholders have been placed on high alert by the Delhi government.

The government has ordered the relevant agencies to work together to effectively address the flood crisis. The CDVs are making a lot of effort to inform residents of low-lying areas about the situation. It has also deployed civil defence volunteers to evacuate and shift the affected people to safer places.

The Old Railway Bridge at the Yamuna would reach a level of 205.65 metres due to a large discharge of water from Hathnikund Barrage that might reach as high as 2,21,781 cusec per hour, as per alerts from the Central Water Commission on Thursday.

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