Schools to start early in the morning to protect children from heatwave, Directorate of Education issues circular

New Delhi: The Directorate of Education has issued a circular to protect Delhi's school students from the scorching heat and heatwave. The guidelines issued by the Union Education Ministry have been cited. It has advised private and government schools to take precautions and take measures to protect students from the impact of the heatwave.

The Directorate of Education has said that the schools should be started early in the morning and finished before noon. You can start school at seven o'clock in the morning and reduce the daily hours of school. Organize a prayer meeting in the school premises in a covered area. Sports and other outdoor activities should be completed early in the morning so that children do not come into direct contact with sunlight. At the same time, the circular says that there should not be too much crowd in school buses and vans. Do not seat more students than the capacity of the seat. It should have drinking water and first aid.

Students have also been instructed to carry water bottles, hats and umbrellas with them. There is enough water in the school. Use a water cooler to provide cold water. During the class period, teachers keep reminding the students to drink water.

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